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Ontash & Ermac, Inc. (O&E) is a leading developer and supplier of spectral induced polarization (SIP) equipment for use in laboratory, surface, and borehole applications. O&E also acts as a silent partner, providing custom product development services for its clients. O&E has expertise in following areas:

bullet Embedded systems
bullet Web enabled devices
bullet Uni and multiprocessor
bullet DSP, micro-controller, and RISC
bullet Analog Electronics
bullet Digital and analog audio/video
bullet Motor control
bullet FPGA
bullet Spectral Induced Polarization (SIP)
bullet Device drivers
bullet System software
bullet Software porting
bullet Firmware
bullet Diagnostic and test software
bullet Speech recognition
bullet Telecom software
O&Es clients include companies in the following markets:

bullet Oil & Gas Exploration
bullet Environmental
bullet Consumer Electronics
bullet Building Technologies
bullet Defense
bullet Medical
bullet Telecommunications
bullet Industrial Automation


AGU Announcements-

SIP Sonde - SIP Sonde available beginning in 2020Q1.

Patents - O&E & Rutgers Intelligent spectral induced polarization measurement module patent issued in US, Canada, Australia, China and Mexico.

European Space Agency Compliant Software Development (ESA - ESCC) -

O&E develops software compliant with ESA requirements. Recent project is real-time control software for multi-year mission in geosynchronous orbit (GSO). Development includes ESA compliant documentation, coding, and test.

SAGEEP Announcements

O&E and Mount Sopris agree to collaborate to bring the O&E SIP Sonde Electronics to market.

OEM SIP Sonde Electronics - Complete electronics, firmware and acquisition and control software that is suitable for integration into a customer's sonde / borehole logging system. SIP stimulus and sensing performed entirely by SIP Sonde Electronics within the borehole. Modular electronics design supports application specific focusing and electrode arrangements by simply adding modules.



PSIP Stimulus Switch Unit - PSIP accessory for time domain and self potential measurements. Power and control from PSIP



PSIP Stimulus Amplifier Unit - PSIP accessory for measurements requiring more power than PSIP provides.


Portable SIP Full Switch Unit - The PSFS is a switching unit designed specifically as an accessory to the PSIP. The PSFS maintains the driven guards of the PSIP for optimal signal quality.



AGU Fall 2014 Product Introduction

Portable SIP Unit - The PSIP is a low-cost high-performance multi-channel geophysical instrument optimized for laboratory and in situ near surface SIP, conventional resistivity, time-domain induced polarization and self-potential measurements.


NSF - SBIR Phase II Award for Development of an Affordable and Versatile Spectral Induced Polarization (SIP) Borehole Tool - National Science Foundation awarded O&E a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant. During Phase II, in collaboration with Rutgers University, O&E will commercialize SIP technology demonstrated in Phase I research. The resulting products are relevant for subsurface earth characterization in the following markets:

Hydrogeology Environmental Oil & Gas
Mineral Exploration CO2 Sequestration Geotechnical

NSF - SBIR Phase I/IB Award for Development of an Affordable and Versatile Spectral Induced Polarization (SIP) Borehole Tool - National Science Foundation awarded O&E a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I/IB grant. The Phase I efforts, in collaboration with Rutgers University, culminated in a prototype of a frequency domain spectral induced polarization (SIP) borehole tool that can be used to collect data in boreholes over a wide frequency range with high accuracy/resolution.

RISC - Thin Client - Thin client used in medical, defense, and manufacturing test applications. FreeScale processor. Runs O&E developed executive or Linux. LCD and touchsreen controller, USB and 10/100BT interfaces.

RFID - Developed custom transmit and receive antennas for medical application. Also developed the control and human/system interface electronics.

DSP Visible Light and Thermal Imaging - Developed TI DSP based visible light and thermal cameras. Both still image and full motion video. Performed application specific image analysis. Development done in C, C++, C# and DSP assembler.

DSP Motor Control - Developed TI DSP based high power sensorless brushless DC motor controllers for military application. Also implemented resolver feedback versions. Development done in C and C++ and DSP assembler.

100BT Backplane, Switch Fabric, and system manager - Developed 100BT 16 slot backplane, switch fabric and system manager for a telecom product. The system manager used PowerPC and Marvell Galileo chipset. Switch fabric implemented with Broadcom switches.

RISC/DSP - Motor Control - Motor controller for medical application uses Motorola DSP and RISC processor for medical application. Interfaces include CAN, USB, and 10/100BT.

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